Sunday, September 6, 2009

MRSA / Swine Flu Being Spread Through Human Waste

"All respiratory secretions and bodily fluids (diarrheal stool) of novel influenza A (H1N1) cases should be considered potentially infectious."
The Body

Whether through human waste

Or vomit

Swine flu virus is being shed and discharged to sewage treatment plants (POTWs). Unfortunately, most treatments do not / cannot remove all drug residue, some of which ends up back in our tap water ("nitrates.")

The wastewater treatment process reconcentrates the pathogens and pollutants in sewage sludge.

Sewage sludge is spread on our crops. Such pollutants may be implicated in the 15 leading causes of deaths.

Sign Petition: Stop Recycling Sewage Effluents on Food Crops, Etc.

Not only are these pollutants in sludge getting into our food supply and spreading as they blow through the wind,

As you can imagine, the more people who are infected with swine flu, the more it spreads via sewage.

It is therefore more important than ever to understand that sewage back spills are a severe public health hazard.

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Up to 38% of swine flu victims suffer from vomiting and diarrhea.
AJC Healthnews /flu

This indicates the victims are suffering gastrointestinal infections and swine flu virus is being shed in the human feces being discharged to sewage treatment plants (POTWs). The wastewater treatment process reconcentrates the pathogens and pollutants in the sewage sludge

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The World Health Organization is concerned about swine flu in human waste and sewage

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As Dr. Edo McGowan of California points out, sewage treatment plants are cauldrons of toxic chemicals and dangerous pathogens. These diseases and microbes in the sewage are constantly exchanging genes and mutating into even more virulent microbes. And they are developing antibiotic resistance every step of the way. Dr. McGowan also noted that sewage was found to be a transmission risk for Bird Flu (H5N1)

The WEF and government agencies (CDC, EPA, HHS, NIH) are ignoring potential flu risks to public health from spreading and spraying pathogenic Class B sewage sludge, containing swine flu virus, on agricultural land

Pathways of risk for neighbors of sludge sites include swarms of mosquitoes, insects, filthy flies, wind-borne dusts and bioaerosols, runoff into surface and groundwater, family pets walking and rolling in the sludge and tracking diseases into the home on their feet and fur . . . .see EPA's sludge/biosolids pathways of risk from sludge pathogens - Chapter 2 - EPA

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's not the flu that kills - it is the secondary infection (MRSA?)

Why does this matter? Because in 1918, many of the deaths were not directly due to the influenza virus. Instead, they were caused by ’secondary’ bacterial infections that ordinarily wouldn’t have killed people:

Their findings are striking in the context of modern conceptions of the 1918 pandemic; the great majority of deaths could be attributed to secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common respiratory pathogens, particularly pneumococci, group A streptococci, and staphylococci, and not to the virus itself. In fact, although evidence of severe viral bronchiolitis was found, often the primary viral insult appeared to be resolving at the time of the secondary infection responsible for the fatality. Their conclusions are strengthened by the remarkable consistency in theme, if not details, displayed across the many studies reviewed and the inclusion in their review of not only gross pathologic findings but blood and lung tissue culture data. In only 4% of the more than 8000 cases reviewed was no bacterial superinfection documented.

The article also reports that K. pneumoniae was implicated in the deaths of these patients (although it was less frequent than the Gram-positives), along with other Gram-negatives, such as E. coli. And if we can’t treat these patients due to antibiotic resistance, the number of deaths which are kicked started by influenza, but utlimately due to bacterial infection, will be higher than anyone is currently thinking about.

Complete article: It’s not the Flu that kills you, it’s the secondary infection (MRSA?)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Arsenic, MRSA and Swine Flu

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According to a 1999 study by the National Academy of Sciences, arsenic in drinking water causes bladder, lung and skin cancer, and may cause kidney and liver cancer. The study also found that arsenic harms the central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as heart and blood vessels, and causes serious skin problems. It also may cause birth defects and reproductive problems.

Arsenic in Drinking Water

Tap water in 25 states contains arsenic. Check below:

List of 25 states with arsenic

Not only does arsenic in our tap water pose significant health risks, it leaves us susceptible to swine flu.

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Swine flu increased 34% in 1 week.

CDC: US swine flu cases rise 7/2/09

Swine flu leaves us susceptible to MRSA.

Swine Flu And MRSA Infections
Kid's Fatal Flu
H1N1 MRSA Can Be a Dangerous Combination

Do not forget that MRSA is airborne as well as waterborne - spread by contact or even by sneezing, coughing, talking:

More evidence of MRSA's airborne spread
Waterborne disease and outbreaks
What is airborne MRSA?
U.S. Food & Drug: Staphylococcus aureus
Significance of Airborne Transmission
How is MRSA infection transmitted?
Airborne Transmission of MRSA
Airborne and Direct Contact Diseases
Airborne MRSA

The combination of swine flu and MRSA is deadly.

CLICK: Swine flu combined with superbug could kill thousands
CLICK: Swine flu facts: Are secondary bacterial infections like MRSA the bigger danger?

Here in Fresno, CA we have 3 confirmed cases of swine flu so far. That is scary, since residents are in double jeopardy of far worse:

1. MRSA is KNOWINGLY being spread via raw sewage discharges behind secret replacement of our water system by a group not authorized, licensed or using safety precautions. Instead of help, public records are altered to cover up the evidence as doctors and hospitals continue being blamed.

2. Fresno's water does contain arsenic.

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The truth about other hazardous chemicals is covered up.

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Swine flu is bad enough, but introducing it into an environment such as this i.e., sewage pollution and arsenic in the tap water can be nothing less than a death sentence.

Surely you can see how easy it would be to wipe out entire cities via the water system. The City of Fresno and their fake work crew are having public records altered to cover up the secret replacement of the water system, which entails discharging of raw sewage.  Residents cannot protect themselves from what they do not know, so the lies continue to escalate, along with the health consequences.

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BONUS: Sewage pollution is linked to asthma. Here in Fresno aka: "Asthma Capital of CA", 1 in 6 school children carry inhalers. According to online sources, children with asthma will be first in line should swine flu vaccinations become mandatory.

Children and Pregnant Women Targeted in U.S. Swine Flu Mass Vaccination Program 7/12/09