Friday, August 15, 2008

MRSA Breeds in Raw Sewage

Workers at industrial wastewater treatment plants are exposed to airborne bacteria and endotoxins.

According to the link below, wastewater treatment plants may now constitute the principal and expanding source of MDRB (multi-drug resistant bacteria.) Contrary to popular myth, many pathogens survive their passage through a sewer treatment plant thus, remaining to constitute an increased public health risk. Studies reported in the scientific and medical literature date back to at least 1970 showing failure of treatment.

MRSA is potentially deadly - easily spread by contact, it is also airborne and waterborne. Despite this information, Fresno's Dept. of Public Works continues to discharge toxic, infectious, disease-carrying raw sewage onto private property while lying to unsuspecting residents about the cause. Well aware of the trail of illness, infections, lung/respiratory, amputation and death, they continue operating in this manner rather than give residents a chance to protect themselves or their belongings from the nightmare they are creating. This is behind "secret" water diversion, as the public is told of a "water shortage."

For complete article re: Sludge Watch ==> Multi resistant bacteria develop in sewage treatment plants see link below:

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